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Prefab Home Models by PieceHomes

PieceHomes Standard Series prefab homes.
PieceHomes standard series.
PieceHomes premium series.PieceHomes extra pieces.

Piece Homes

Piece Homes can be described as a moderately-sized prefab developer, with all of their homes designed by Davis Studio Architecture + Design. They place great emphasis on modern construction in all of their buildings, while sustainability is also high on their priorities and all designs sold by them will incorporate at least some measures in this regard.

What products are Piece Homes responsible for?

Piece Homes have categorized all of their different buildings into four different sections:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • ExtraPieces
  • Multi-Family

Such categories can be quite easily related to, with the first being the Standard option which groups together all of the company's affordable solutions. Despite the low price, Piece Homes have designed them with families in mind, meaning that they are certainly targeted at the masses. Furthermore, there has been little compromise on the quality of construction, with all of the buildings benefiting from a modern style that is aesthetically pleasing.

As you may expect, the Premium option takes the buildings that one step further. More advanced technologies are utilized, meaning that the finish is that little bit better. Customers will find that there are more premium elements, with a bigger emphasis on glass being the main issue.

ExtraPieces concentrates on smaller buildings, with most buyers using them to either attach onto their existing property or as a simple garden outbuilding. All of the buildings in this range are under 1,000 square feet yet again, the quality is very high and each design is hugely varied.

The Multi-Family option is the odd one out of the group, as it is targeted at developers rather than domestic buyers. This category contains multiple-occupancy dwellings, with the unique selling point being that developers can experience a $30/sf cost saving by going down this route.

What sustainable practices do Piece Homes adopt?

It would be fair to say that in comparison with many other prefab companies, Piece Homes make that extra effort to implement sustainable solutions. Solar panels and green roofs are included within all of their designs, thus providing the buyer with huge savings on their energy bills. As well as these obvious solutions, the company install others such as the following:

  • Bamboo interiors
  • Dual flush toilets
  • Energy star appliances
  • EcoTop materials

How much do products in the Piece Homes range cost?

The price of the buildings that the company produces varies enormously. However, for those looking for ballpark figures, the following can be summarized:

  • Site costs: $45/sf
  • Delivery costs: $30/sf
  • Module costs: $110/sf

However, as well as the above, one should also budget for additional costs such as engineering and legal fees.

A summary on Piece Homes

To summarize, Piece Homes have established themselves as one of the larger prefab developers out there and as their category system highlights, they really do have different products for varied markets. To make their company more enticing, they have managed to incorporate plenty of sustainable aspects into all of their buildings, while the low costs have also made them popular in the industry.