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Prefab Homes News Article Archive

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  1. The End of the Road for Modern Prefab? This Just Might Be The Beginning!. TreeHugger.com. 11/27/09. Lloyd Alter.
  2. Green living: Take it with you when you go. RealEstateWeb.com. 11/04/09. Leoni Kok.
  3. Americans are moving on up to smaller, smarter homes. USAToday.com. 09/15/09. Wendy Koch.
  4. Marmol Radziner Prefab Teams Up with Dwell Magazine's Dwell Homes Collection. Dexigner.com. 07/01/09.
  5. Flatpak's New San Francisco Bay Area Prefab. DesignCrave.com. 06/24/09. Joe Wertz.
  6. Startup's prefab homes aim for zero energy bills. SFGate.com. 06/23/09. Robert Selna.
  7. Dwell retools on prefab with Marmol Radziner, Turkel Design. LosAngelesTimes.com. 06/23/09. Christopher Hawthorne.
  8. i-house is giant leap from trailer park. Wenatcheeworld.com. 06/22/09. Duncan Mansfield.
  9. Prefab Homes Sprout Green Designs, Improve Affordability. TheDailyJournal.com. 06.19.09. Wendy Koch.
  10. Prefab home gets ground-up restoration. LosAngelesTimes.com. 06/13/09. Jeffrey Head.
  11. Prefab movement needs to rethink its model. LosAngelesTimes.com. 06/13/09. Chrsitopher Hawthone.
  12. Prefab: Blue Sky Homes prototype in Yucca Valley. LosAngelesTimes.com. 06/12/09. Joe Wertz.
  13. Green Design: SG Blocks Shipping Container Homes. DesignCrave.com. 06/12/09. Jared Newman.
  14. Marmol Radziner Prefab to Install Green, Modern Luxury Home in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. PRWeb.com. 06/09/09. Marmol Radziner.
  15. Oakland architect with vision forced to shutter shop. SFGate.com. 05/29/09. Tracey Taylor.
  16. Architect Michelle Kaufman Has Harsh Words for Lenders. The Wall Street Journal | Blogs. 05/27/09. Kelly Evans.
  17. 6 Prefab Houses That Could Change Home Building. ecohome.com. 05/26/09. Nigel F. Maynard.
  18. Modern, Naturally. boston.com. 05/10/09. Marni Elyse Katz.
  19. Prefab Homes Get a Style and Solar-Powered Makeover. FastCompany.com. 02/19/09. Kit Eaton.
  20. LEED Platium Prefab Home Now Available. WorldChanging.com. 02/17/09. Julia Levitt.
  21. Prefab Home Builder in Receivership. Luxist.com. 1/07/09. Deidre Woollard.


  1. 'Prefabulous' author wins Bob Bruss award. inmannews.com. 11/19/08.
  2. Oakland building designer has green ambitions. InsideBayArea.com. 11/03/08. Angela Hart.
  3. Fine Living: Prefab cabanas catch on as affordable extra room. MarinIJ.com. 10/31/08.
  4. Prefab housing sheds stereotypes in MoMa exhibition. USAtoday.com. 07/21/08. David Minthorn, Associated Press.
  5. Exhibit illustrates advances in prefab home design. IHT.com. 07/18/08. The Associated Press.
  6. Green buyers find prefab fabulous. DenverPost.com. 05/27/08. Christain Toto.
  7. Wired LivingHome: Tour of an eco-mansion. LAtimes.com. 03/04/08.
  8. Rocio Romero Prefab Home Tour Kicks Off Tomorrow in NY! Inhabitat.com. 02/29/08. By Ali Kriscenski.
  9. New modular homes nail quick construction, high efficiency, hot design. RockyMountainNews.com. 02/16/08. By Lisa Marshall, Special to the Rocky .
  10. Legos for the Grown-Ups. NYtimes.com. 02/10/08. By JENNIFER BLEYER.
  11. Building green, piece by piece. Boston.com (The Boston Globe). 1/20/08. Michael Prager.
  12. Prefab's empty promise. Guardian.co.uk (Guardian Unlimited). 1/16/08. Clay Risen.
  13. Is Prefab Fab? MoMA Plans a Show. NYTimes.com. 1/08/08. Robin Pogrebin.
  14. Modular home builder still battling Gainesville. Gainesvilletimes.com. 01/06/08. By Ashley Fielding.


  1. SwellHouse: Building by numbers. NYTimes.com. 11/15/07. By Jeff Spurrier, Special to The Times.
  2. ‘Glidehouse’ guru breaks prefab mold. Rockymountainnews.com. 10/27/07.
  3. Before Buying a Prefab. NYTimes.com. 09/21/07. Amy Gunderson.
  4. Build a cabin in your own backyard to get away from it all. USAweekend.com. 09/16/07. Lou Manfredini.
  5. MICHELLE KAUFMANN’S NEW PREFAB:The Mklotus. inhabitat.com. 07/20/07.
  6. Environmental action begins humbly -- at home. SFGate.com. 7/08/07. Carol Llyod.
  7. Machine Age: Factory-built  components playing a larger role in home construction. ChicagoTribune.com. 6/29/07. Leslie Mann.
  8. Factory-built homes back in vogue. New York House. 6/27/07. Tom Kelly.
  9. Panel dicussion A cost-cutting building system could change custom home design, making production faster and less wasteful. SFGate.com. 6/20/07. Zahid Sardar.
  10. Changing Skyline | Green, Clean and Pretty Prefab. The Philadelphia Inquirer. 6/15/07. Inga Saffron.
  11. Enertia Gains Momentum. Dana Childs. InsideGreentch.com. 6/01/07.
  12. Where the Rebel Meets the Road in Joshua Tree. NYTimes.com. 05/20/07. Ben Ehrenreich.
  13. Home Buyers Like Prefab Tab. ContracCostaTimes.com. 5/11/07. Barbara E. Hernandez.
  14. Ikea Enters U.K.'s Prefab Housing Market. Architectural Record. April 18, 2007. Dianna Dillworth.
  15. Prefab Homes come into Vogue. Boston.com (The Boston Globe). March 13, 2007. Robert J. Bruss.
  16. LivingHomes' Green Interior Decorating: Top 5 Environmentally Friendly Innovations for the Modern Home. popularMechanics.com. March 2007. Jim Gorman.
  17. KU architecture students design, build new home iwth El Centro Inc. in Kansas City.The University of Kansas News Release. 3/15/07. KU News Release.
  18. Modern Prefab. New York House (House Media Network). Wally Nichols.
  19. CA Boom 4's Prefab Zone to Bring Modernist Prefab Manufacturers and Would-Be Buyers Under One Roof. Send2Press.com. 2/2/07. Send2Press Newswire.
  20. System-built Housing Offers Viable Options, Show Panel Says. ResidentialArchitectOnline.com. 2/10/07. Hanley Wood News Service.


  1. Prefab house tour, from start to finish. latimes.com (Los Angeles Times). 9/21/06. Lisa Boone.
  2. Developers give prefab house the green light. signonsandiego.com (Union-Tribune). 9/17/06. Ann Jarmusch
  3. The USGBC LEED for homes Pilot Program Awards LivingHomes the First-Ever Platinum Rating in Residential Sustainable Design. PR News Today. 8/16/06.
  4. LivingHomes Prefab Home is Wicked Expensive. la.curbed.om. 8/2/06. jwilliams.
  5. Today's Prefab-ulous Homes. CBSNews.com. August 9th, 2007.
  6. Prefab Gains Signal Housing Pain. BusinessWeek.com. 6/5/06.
  7. Innovative architects turn used shipping containers into homes. sfgate.com. 6/16/06. Carol Lloyd.
  8. Some Assembly Required: Contemporary Prefabricated houses. Canadian Architect. 4/26/06.
  9. Domes, dymaxions, trailers and modular homes are part of prefab housing history exhibit at Mann Library. Cornell University Chronicle Online. 4/25/06. Susan S. Lang.
  10. LivingHomes Prefab Still Being Fabbed.Curbed LA. 4/24/2006. JWilliams.
  11. New age of the prefab house. thisismoney.co.uk, 2/20/06. Simon Lambert.
  12. Home Delivery: A boom in modular boxes is barging into the Martha's Vineyard housing market. The Boston Globe. 2/19/06. John Budris.
  13. Boom Nation: Prefab Chic. abc News. 2/09/06. VICKI MABREY, CHARLIE HERMAN, and PHIL MARAVILLA.
  14. Some Assembly Required. Wired.com. Jan. 2006. Tom Vanderbilt.


  1. Prefab Housing Goes Fab.abc NEWS. Money. 12/29/05. Marc Lallanilla.
  2. Some assembly required. Minnesota Public Radio. 12/22/05. Marianne Combs.
  3. Some Assembly Required: Contemporary Prefabricated Houses. Walker Art Center EXHIBITION. 12/8 - 3/26/2006.
  4. Prefab Meets Style. BusinessWeek online. 11/14/2005. Reena Jana, Aleta Davies.
  5. Dwell Competition-winning modern home for sale. CanadianArchitect.com. 11/11/2005.
  6. Prefab Now; Jean Prouve: Tropical House.Arcspace.com. 11/1/2005.
  7. Living laboratory. StarTribune.com. 10/11/05. Claude Peck.
  8. America 2025: Fab Homes: MIT architect Kent Larson explains why factory-built housing means more automation--and the end of cookie-cutter design. Popular Mechanics. 05/05.
  9. Picking Designer Homes off the Rack. DW-WORLD.DE. 4/28/05. Jennifer Abramsohn.
  10. Designer prefab homes grow in popularity. MSNBC. 4/05/2005.
  11. The Prefab Future, Practically Here.washingtonpost.com. 03/31/05. Jeff Turrentine.
  12. Home Style Feature Story: A Dream Unboxed One Richmond family builds their vacation home from a kit. Style Weekly. Carrie Nieman .
  13. Modular Modernism. Sacrilege! Or is it? The latest reincarnation of the modern home can be delivered in sections and assembled on site. Builder Online. 2/01/05. Matthew Power.