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Prefab Home Models by LivingHomes

Prefab Homes by LivingHomes.
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LivingHomes are regarded as one of the most innovative prefab architects around, with the company responsible for some of the most modern buildings in the industry over the last few years. They hold a huge catalogue, with products ranging from ones that are small in size to others that are suitable for a large family. This means their client list is widespread and they have been able to build their reputation off the back of a variety of different customers.

While the company do offer a custom service, they mainly pride themselves on a selection of three products:

  • C6/CK Series
  • Ray Kappe
  • KieranTimerlake

C6/CK Series

This range is seen as the budget option, although one may not think that on initial inspection. All of the homes under this bracket are designed in an exceptionally clean way, with the architects also implementing as many green principles as budgets allow. The fact that the prices range from $139,000 - $323,000 helps highlight just how varied the buildings in the range are and also shows how inexpensive they are to purchase.

Ray Kappe

There is no doubt that the RK range is slightly more sophisticated than the previous one, although this does come at an increased cost. Designed by the renowned architect Ray Kappe, all of the homes under this bracket are again released with a very modern outlook. Generally, they are huge in size and try to implement as many external sitting and social areas as possible, which are always received well by the end consumer.


The external appearances of all products that fall under the KT brand is vastly different from others that have been looked at, with KieranTimerlake utilizing a more modular approach with the designs. Admittedly, the design of the buildings may not appeal to everyone, but the fact that customers can be so versatile with the floor plans of the homes is impressive and will appeal to those families who are working to an exact specification with their next home.

Emphasis on LEED

In comparison with many other companies in the field, LivingHomes place particular emphasis on LEED for Home Certification and have tailored most of their buildings to comply and score highly with the scheme.

A large proportion of LivingHomes' business is placed on LEED and as well as designing dwellings that achieve positive scores, they are also able to provide professional services such as an assessment on the state of a customer's existing home in relation to the scheme.

A summary on LivingHomes

LivingHomes can be described as being much different to most prefab providers, with the company not really targeting a specific style for all of their buildings. While they tend to use modern designs in all of the products in their catalogue, the fact that they use several architects means that the end customer always has a decent choice to choose from. As well obtaining a unique design, the fact that LivingHomes place considerable emphasis on LEED also means that any buyer is going to receive a very sustainable and efficient property.