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Prefab Home Models by GreenPod

miniHome Duo SE by miniHome.
Bainbridge.Langley.Lopez.Ludlow.Lummi.Mercer.Orcas.Port Townsend.Winslow.

Out of all of the prefab designers out there, it could be said that GreenPod are one of the most versatile. The company have created countless products over the years, with some of these ranging from traditional, country units right the way to the most modern designs you could think of.

What products do GreenPod manufacture?

In total, GreenPod are responsible for eleven buildings in their range. It would be fair to say that all of these buildings don't only vary considerably in design, but also in size. For example, the smallest product in the catalogue is a mere 300 square feet, while the largest is around 800 square feet. Despite the huge difference in size, one of the interesting points about GreenPod is that the company have seemingly made it a policy to include just one bedroom in all of their offerings. This means that in the larger buildings, occupants have an absolutely huge living space yet just one bedroom. Admittedly, in some of their buildings they have attempted to alter this approach somewhat by implementing pull down beds, but this does not detract from the fact they all have just one bedroom.

Out of all of the products that GreenPod are responsible for, the following are regarded as some of the strongest in their catalogue:

  • Lopez - Being just 372 square feet in size, very few people would considering using Lopez as their main dwelling. Nevertheless, the traditional, rustic appearance of the building means that it is perfect for a country setting and could easily be used as a getaway house.
  • Orcas - While Lopez is based on purely traditional themes, Orcas is the opposite and is designed in the most futuristic way possible. It boasts a mixture of wood and metal on the exterior, although it is the roof that is the main talking point with this being completely rounded. Moreover, it is around twice as big as the previous property discussed.
  • Winslow - However, in terms of size, Winslow is undoubtedly the winner. As well as being the largest, this is the newest and boasts a hugely modern exterior. It benefits from a huge amount of glass and is much different to any other product that GreenPod have been responsible for.

What does the interior of GreenPod's buildings look like?

As you would expect, the interior design of GreenPod's buildings varies depending on the product selected. Nevertheless, the company at least keep the same basic principles and will only implement 100% organic and biodegradable materials in their homes. Moreover, they also hold deep value when it comes to textiles and have a tight-knit selection of manufacturers that they use when putting together an interior package.

A summary on GreenPod

While a lot of developers merely concentrate their resources on a small selection of offerings, GreenPod have gone against this approach and have a huge range of products to choose from. This makes them one of the most experienced designers in the field and they can be classed as nothing but hugely reputable in the design of both modern and traditional buildings.