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Prefab Home Models by CleverHomes

CleverHomes prefab home model CH1.
CleverHomes CH 1CH5.CH7.CH8.CH10.CH14.CH Mini.

CleverHomes are regarded as one of the leading architects in the prefabs industry, with the company responsible for some of the most innovative buildings that fall under the prefab umbrella.

What services do CleverHomes offer?

The main reason why CleverHomes is known is due to their extensive catalogue of prefabricated buildings. However, they also specialize in other areas and as well as providing the initial design, they have experience in engineering and the actual construction of buildings. Moreover, they are extremely flexible with their designs and will go as far as offering a completely customized service for some clients.

What buildings do the company have in their catalogue?

There are around nineteen products in the CleverHomes range, with each of these varying in size and design. For example, some are as small as 300 square feet, while others are huge and sized at approximately 3,000 square feet. As you may expect, this means that CleverHomes are open to a massive target audience, with some small commercial entities utilizing their smaller offerings while large families may purchase their bigger houses. Out of all of the designs that the company have produced, the following can be classed as some of the most popular:

  • CH1 - This is one of the larger products in the brochure and it therefore contains four bedrooms and three bedrooms.
  • CH5 - This is only slightly bigger in size than CH1 and contains a similar internal layout, although the exterior is very modern with glass being prevalent throughout.
  • CH7 - Another modern design, this is slightly smaller than the previous two properties and the bedroom and bathroom count will vary depending on the client's specification.
  • CH10 - This long, thin and modern property contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a garage and is probably the most innovative of the CleverHomes products.
  • CH Mini - As the name of this product suggests, it is the smallest building that CleverHomes manufacture and boasts just one bedroom and one bathroom in less than 500 square feet of floor space.

Are CleverHomes regarded as a green architect?

The 'green factor' is something that CleverHomes pride themselves on. Their marketing material makes no secret of the fact that the environment is one of their main concerns during the design of new properties and they have even listed some of the sustainable benefits of their company:

  • Modular construction - As they are able to transport large sections of buildings very easily, it has less impact on the environment.
  • Steel design - Practically all of their buildings use steel as the primary component, with this being completely recyclable.
  • Panel design - All of the houses designed by CleverHomes use paneled walls, which have been insulated using the most advanced methods.

A summary on CleverHomes

Considering the fact that CleverHomes have almost twenty designs to their name, it’s no surprise to see them as one of the leading architects of prefabricated buildings. Moreover, they do not solely rely on these designs and are more than happy to liaise with customers about altering the standard features of their buildings.