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Prefab Home Models by nottoscale

Prefab homes by nottoscale.


Founded in 2002, it would be fair to say that Nottoscale is a relatively new company in the prefabs industry. Nevertheless, having now amassed over a decade of experience, they are responsible for countless buildings and have managed to forge a very good reputation.

History of Nottoscale

Nottoscale is the idea of Peter Strzebniak, who formed the company after first arriving in San Francisco to perform work on another project. Following some impressive work in the region, his reputation started to soar and this meant that Nottoscale was given the best possible chance to succeed from the start. Their success was almost immediate s well, after designing one of ten winning housing designs in the Southeastern Center of Contemporary Art competition. This particular entry incorporated all of the elements that Nottoscale attempt to do so in all of their designs of today, with sustainability, style and affordability all being at the top of the priorities list.

The quality of Strzebniak's designs and his reputation in the industry can be provided through a couple of his past projects:

  • California Academy of Scient - With this building spanning 390,000 square feet and costing $132m, Strzebniak had a strong say on the final design which has been widely applauded by many quarters.
  • Jewish Museum, CA - A slightly smaller project at 110,000 square feet, the Jewish Museum was the design that broke Strzebniak into the San Francisco market and is arguably the reason why Nottoscale are the company they are today.

    Bearing the above in mind, it is clear to see that Nottoscale are a company built on some fantastic history, with their founder being one of the most respected designers around.

    What buildings are Nottoscale responsible for?

    Over their history, Nottoscale have developed many products with the following being some of their most well-known:

    • T-Modulome
    • S-Modulome
    • H-Modulome
    • O-Modulome
    • 3-Modulome
    • I-Modulome
    • Podulome

    As one can probably calculate from the names, there is a definite structure that the company have utilized. They have named each building through its shape, with some being simple I shapes while others take on a more complex form such as O-Modulome. It has to be said that while the shapes are all entirely different, it is clear to see that the principles in all of them have remained the same. The majority use the same wooden paneled finish and with this being decorated in white, it makes the whole property look hugely modern. Flat roofs, tall windows and roof windows are other common features and again, this helps the entire Nottoscale catalogue become very contemporary.

    A summary on Nottoscale

    Even though there are few differences in a lot of the designs that Nottoscale develop, although this is not necessarily a bad thing as all of the principles are exceptionally solid and create a stylish and modern catalogue. Furthermore, while the design factors may remain quite consistent, the company are at least responsible for buildings of different sizes and this means that they are appropriate for a range of customers.