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weeHouses by Alchemy Architects

weeHouse Studio by Alchemy Architects.
weeHouse Studio.weeHouse Pair - model B.weeHouse Pair - model C.weeHouse Four Square.

Alchemy Architects

It would be fair to say there are countless architects who are developing prefabricated offerings, although Alchemy Architects certainly seem to be succeeding in their approach. The company have built most of their glory from their WeeHouse's range, which is currently comprised of four separate houses.

What products do Alchemy Architects offer?

Few people can doubt that the company have forged most of their success from their WeeHouses range. In total, there are four different properties that can be purchased and these vary in size considerably:

  • Studio
  • Pair
  • Tall
  • Four Square

Alchemy Architects normally name their products in a way which makes them easy to relate to. For example, few people will have any struggles realizing what the Studio house is, with this looking very similar to the studio apartments that are so common throughout the world. The Tall and Four Square products are the only two that stretch above one story, with both of these including balconies on both the ground floor and first floor depending on the preferences that customers stipulate.

It is also worth mentioning that Alchemy Architects usually provide various design adjustments within each product they promote. For example, it's possible to choose out of two separate models within the Four Square range, with customers being able to select differing features such as whether or not a property includes a balcony or decking area.

Why are Alchemy Architects successful?

It would be fair to say that Alchemy Architects have created four completely unique designs and this means that the company is certainly targeted at a vast audience of people. However, there are other reasons why the firm has become successful and these mainly focus on the principles that they instill in each of their designs. For example, there is a huge emphasis on sustainability within all of their products and they attempt to include features such as rain water collection, passive cooling, solar technology and geothermal heat. In other areas, Alchemy Architects have attempted to use affordable materials to make their houses easy on the pocket, while the smart designs mean that they can be constructed quickly and therefore erected at extraordinary fast rates.

How are Alchemy Architects regarded in the industry?

Alchemy Architects are viewed very highly in the industry and most of the past customers of the firm are residential based. However, as well as receiving sterling reviews from consumers, the company have also been viewed favorably by industry experts. For example, Grand Designs, Dwell and The New York Times have all run pieces on the company that paints their offerings in an extremely positive light.

A summary on Alchemy Architects

It is clear to see that Alchemy Architects are an extremely accomplished provider of prefabricated houses. Due to the variation in each of their designs, their products are available for both residential and commercial customers which mean they have a very good reputation through differing audiences. The fact that it's possible to request custom designs is also very impressive and it's really no surprise to see them faring so well in this industry.