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Modern Shed Garden

Modern Shed Garden model.
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Garden Shed

If there ever was a case of a product doing exactly what it says on the tin, the Garden Shed is that. The product does exactly what it says in the name by acting as a simple garden shed. Of course, as is the case with any product from Modern Shed, it does contain its own aesthetic features that make it pleasing on the eye, but other than that it can be compared to nothing but a standard garden outbuilding.

What does the exterior of the Garden Shed product look like?

Anyone who has browsed through the Modern Shed catalogue will probably be used to the general design standard that the company adhere to. Bearing this in mind, they are probably going to be quite surprised when they set eyes on the Garden Shed - with this differing immensely from any other product that the firm have been responsible for. Furthermore, even though it is just a simple garden shed, it still benefits from its own unique design - meaning that it at least has its own identity and character.

Following on from the above, the Garden Shed product can only be described as one of the most unique garden outbuilding products you will find on the market. The first thought anyone will have when they first look at it is the amount of color, with the standard Garden Shed design taking advantage of no fewer than four colors. Red, two shades of green and a light yellow are the ones utilized and while these can be adapted on purchase, only those gardens in suitable environments are likely to work with the shed.

Elsewhere, unlike the Basic Shed, there is some natural light allowed into the building in the form of a sole window. This is in addition to the main entrance - suggesting that the architects may have other uses for the building in mind.

What does Garden Shed look like from an internal point of view?

the products in the Modern Shed catalogue are available in several configurations, which means that the customer has plenty of flexibility in relation to their size. This is an area where the Garden Shed differs, with the product arriving in just one size - 8' x 10'.

Due to the intended use of the product, the entire interior is left unfinished. For most people this will be completely satisfactory, as sheds generally feel the effects of wear and tear and decorating is not even considered. However, for those individuals who are planning an alternate use for the Garden Shed, it leaves some room for alteration.

A summary on Garden Shed

While Garden Shed may appear just like the standard garden outbuilding that is found so commonly in the world, the architects at Modern Shed have done their best to make it into the most unique design possible. No work has been performed internally, but the exterior features a design that is likely to be received very well by most people looking for a basic shed for their garden.

Basic Details
  • base price:
  • $4,995
  • sq ft:
  • 80
  • base price/sq ft:
  • $62
  • bedrooms:
  • n/a
  • baths:
  • n/a
  • garage:
  • n/a
Base Price Includes:
  • all framing / fir exterior panel siding / fir battens
  • transom glass with side screen vents / no windows
  • single 36" steel door
  • unfinished interior walls / interior peg board panels
  • metal roof and trim
  • optional double steel doors
  • optional operable side windows
  • delivery/installation/foundation not included in price