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Prefab Models by Modern Shed

Modern Shed Dwelling Shed.
Dwelling Shed.Studio Shed.Basic Shed.Garden Shed.

Modern Shed

As some people will assume from the name, Modern Shed are a company that base all of their prefab designs on a standard shed. All of their products are made to resemble the modern shed, although they have still managed to instill many modern principles in them which makes them a unique architect to say the least.

What products are Modern Shed responsible for?

It would be fair to say that Modern Shed are one of the most progressive architects in the industry and they are constantly altering their range of products. However, the following building are regarded as some of the most reputable that the company have been responsible for over recent time:

  • Dwelling Shed
  • Studio Shed
  • Basic Shed
  • Garden Shed

Out of all of the above products, two of them are regarded as basic garden outbuildings. It would be fair to say that in comparison to other architects out there, Modern Shed place more emphasis on this department and they should be one of the first choices if you require a basic shed for your garden. All of the products that fall under this bracket are a long way different from the standard sheds that are seen throughout the world and anyone purchasing such a building will acquire a hugely modern and unique form of shed.

Furthermore, it should be stated how flexible Modern Shed are in relation to the basic internal design. In practically all of the company's ranges there are a selection of different sizes, meaning that their buildings certainly appeal to the masses.

How much emphasis do Modern Shed place on sustainability?

Due to the nature of the materials that Modern Shed use, it can be said that the company place plenty of emphasis on staying green and keeping their buildings sustainable.

There are numerous examples in their catalogue of sustainability, with the first focusing around the type of materials that the company uses. They make a habit of using engineering products such as OSB, which is not regarded as a traditional material but is much more sustainable nevertheless. On another topic, the insulation used is made up of 85% recycled fibers, which takes away one of the big environmental strains that is involved in the housing construction.

Another important sustainable feature is the roof and Modern Shed have taken identical steps as to what many other companies in the field have. They have implemented a green roofing system, meaning that vegetation grows in the roof area which improves the insulation values and improves drainage.

A summary on Modern Shed

There is certainly uniqueness when it comes to Modern Shed, with the company offer a slightly different range of products when compared with others in the prefabs industry. There is more of an emphasis on smaller buildings and while the sheds market may appear quite basic on one look, Modern Shed have transformed it and it is now possible to acquire a whole multitude of modern outbuildings. Bearing this in mind, they can be considered a very promising company for such a niche market.