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Prefab Models by Modern Cabana

Modern Cabana Prefab SC 12 x 20.
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Modern Cabana

Having been established in 2003 in California, Modern Cabana have worked tirelessly to provide a reputable prefab brand to the industry. They are responsible for a wide range of prefabricated designs, with all of these following similar design principles.

What products are Modern Cabana responsible for?

Modern Cabana have created a large selection of buildings over the years, with these falling into the following categories:

  • Standard Models
  • Upgraded Models
  • Studio
  • Custom

As one may expect, the Standard Models are targeted at the customer that is operating on a budget. In general, the design of these buildings are identical to those products that are featured in the Upgraded Models range. However, the main difference is the finishing, with the Upgraded Models catalogue featuring buildings that are finished in materials that are much better in quality. The likes of maple, bamboo and cedar are all implemented in the Upgraded Models, whereas the Standard Models make use of more cost effective materials.

It would be fair to say that the above two ranges are the main components of the Modern Cabana range. However, they have still been responsible for a studio offering, which happens to be the exact same size as the largest product in the Upgraded Models category. They have worked on a number of custom projects as well, with many customers requesting designs that make use of all of the wooden materials that have proved so popular, with slightly alternate floor plan designs.

What is Modern Cabana's policy in relation to sustainability?

With the main material in all of the Modern Cabana designs being wood, one may not be surprised to hear that the company are serious when it comes to sustainability. All wood materials sourced are certified by the Forestry Stewardship council, meaning that the buildings are as sustainable as feasibly possible.

Another interesting issue in relation to sustainability is the insulation. While most prefab architects import industry standard insulation, Modern Cabana have adopted a slightly unique approach and will use recycled clothes to retain heat in their buildings.

Yet another difference between Modern Cabana and major prefab developers is their construction techniques. While most will utilize large factories, this company use local carpenters. Any elements that cannot be constructed by these tradesmen will be sourced within fifty miles of the Modern Cabana base.

A summary on Modern Cabana

Most people tend to regard Modern Cabana as more of a local prefab architect, as they deal with issues such as sustainability a lot more seriously than many other companies in the industry. Their designs also retain that local appearance, with the heavy emphasis on wood cladding providing a very homely feeling.

For some people, a lot of the designs from Modern Cabana will probably be too small - with every single one that is outside the custom range making use of just one room. However, for those that are looking for a small outbuilding or guesthouse, the products that Modern Cabana create could be ideal - especially when they will fit practically every thinkable environment.