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Prefab Home Models by konyk Architecture

kitHAUS K3 modern prefab home.
Up!1200. Up!1500.Up!house.hydra.

Konyk Architecture

The majority of prefabricated buildings are known to have modern designs, but Konyk Architecture takes this to a whole new level. The company is seen as one of the market leaders when it comes to modern dwellings and produces some of the most fascinating designs for the residential sector.

What design philosophies do Konyk Architecture have?

The design philosophies that Konyk Architecture possesses can only be described as futuristic. Some of the buildings look as though they belong in the space-age and in some cases, it might even be difficult to find a location to erect such properties as they contrast so much to others.

As well as boasting a very unique reputation when it comes to their futuristic exterior designs, Konyk Architecture also make sure all of their homes have modern internal properties. Most are blessed with glass walls, while some have living systems which just seem crazy to imagine. An example of the latter is their one room concept, which focusses on everything in the house being located in the one room – with occupants having the chance to lock away various components to make the space bigger for certain occasions.

What buildings are in the Konyk Architecture range?

In terms of its residential range, Konyk Architecture has four main products:

  • Up!1200
  • Up!1500
  • Up!House
  • Hydra

As you may expect, up!1200 and up!1500 are very similar – with the only difference being the floor space with the latter holding an upper storey. However, upHouse and Hydra can be classed in a completely different bracket and these really do take modern principles to the next level. Up!House is one of the most futuristic houses you will ever be blessed with seeing and while it takes on board all of the concepts that have been implemented into up!1200 and up!1500, it does so on a much bigger scale and the effect is therefore stunning. Hydra is the pearl of the range though, with this being the “one room” property that utilizes the system that was touched upon previously.

Do Konyk Architecture provide any other services?

While Konyk Architecture may have developed a soaring reputation through their work with residential prefabs, they also have a history in designing various other types of structures. Examples of these include:

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Showrooms

Similarly to their prefabs, all of the buildings they have been responsible boast the modern and futuristic principles that have helped form the Konyk Architecture brand.

A summary on Konyk Architecture

It would be fair to say that a lot of prefab companies are very similar in standing, with many providing products that look very similar to say the least. Konyk Architecture have certainly gone against this grain with their homes and their futuristic design principles are simply breathtaking. Unfortunately, some of the products are still in prototype form, but that should still not detract away from the innovation that the architect has implemented into all of the designs. They won’t be compatible with some areas, but if you can find a very modern location you are likely to have the most aesthetically pleasing building by choosing a Konyk Architecture piece.