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Eichler rendering.Cabin Fever factory.

It would be fair to say that there is sometimes confusion when people talk about the Eichler from Cabin Fever. The fact that the company have branded it as a completely separate product to their other offerings means that many wonder what the differences are. However, while the exterior of the building is constructed differently, the Eichler takes the floor layout of some of Cabin Fever's other products meaning that consumers can create a very customizable prefab through this approach.

The Eichler exterior

In one phrase, the Eichler can be considered as one of the more modern prefabs that are currently available on the market. It would be fair to describe the general outside appearance as very clean and uncomplicated and the fact that the Eicher boasts a roof that is almost flat adds to the whole image. There has been a heavy emphasis on glass and any individual that does purchase this product will be receiving a house that boasts lots of natural light. It also arrives with several beams and while some architects would attempt to hide such features, Cabin Fever have made them as part of the Eichler's design and they certainly look impressive.

The layouts that can be used with the Eichler

It's a well-publicized fact that Cabin Fever have reaped most of their success from their Morris / Maxwell products. Bearing this in mind, consumers will be delighted to hear that all of the designs that have been associated with this range can be implemented alongside the Eichler. This means there are a total of four layouts that can be used:

  • Maxwell 16-20
  • Maxwell Weekender
  • Maxwell LiveAboard
  • Maxwell 2 Bedroom

This certainly means that there is a huge scope for customization provided to the consumer. For example, for those wishing to have a small house, they could use the Maxwell 16-20 layout which is generally used as a small guest room or even a small coffee house. Of course, it is possible to obtain layouts that are suitable to live in and the other three Maxwell designs can help achieve this. In the case of the Weekender, this is probably a little too small to be used as a permanent house yet the fact it has a separate bedroom means that it can be used for a decent amount of time. The Liveboard and the 2 Bedroom are the only designs that can be seriously considered as permanent options and when they are combined with the Eichler concept, the result can be a very pleasing prefab option.

A summary on Eichler

There is no doubt that anyone who purchases the Eichler option from Cabin Fever are going to be provided an exceptionally decent prefab that looks very good on the eye. The architects have gone the extra mile to make the product as modern as possible although the fact it still contains features such as beams means that it does not go over the top. When such an external design is combined with the hugely customizable Maxwell range, consumers really do gain access to a superb prefab offering.

Basic Details
  • base price:
  • $17,900
  • sq ft:
  • 192 +
  • base price/sq ft:
  • $93
  • bedrooms:
  • n/a
  • baths:
  • optional
  • garage:
  • no
Base Price Includes:
  • "Smart Buildingt" CAD design and factory built
  • Meta Floor foundation system / Composite Pad
  • Pre-assembled wall sections - wood 2x4 or 2x6 studs
  • Exterior grade rough-sawn 25-year siding
  • All fixtures for bathroom and kitchen packages
  • Structural Insulated Panels
  • Maple panels interior walls with spruce wood trim
  • Double pane aluminum windows
  • Duro-last PVC membrane roof
  • All hardware needed for assembly