Prefab Home Models by Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever Maxwell / Morris line of prefab homes and cabins.
Maxwell / Morris (MM) models.Mariposa model.Eichler model.

The fact that Cabin Fever have so many designs in their catalogue shows just how successful they have become in the prefabs industry over recent years. While they started small, the company have progressed at a phenomenal rate and whatever your requirements, you are very likely to find a building solution to match what you need.

What makes Cabin Fever so successful?

Cabin Fever make no secret of several principles they bear in mind whenever they put a new product together. These can be summarized in the following stages:

  • Good value - Due to the fact that all of the buildings are created in a factory, all components are produced in the most efficient way possible and this means that the end user is provided with an extremely good value solution. Whether it's the doors, wall panels or even the roof, all components are manufactured externally and this cuts down significant cost on labor.
  • Smart design - It can be said that one of the key issues that separates Cabin Fever from many other prefab companies is the fact that all of their products boast a smart design. The rooms aren't just piled together in any old fashion, there is always a reason behind the positioning of all elements in one of the company's designs.
  • Green design - Another issue that separates Cabin Fever from the competition is the green construction. The company are desperate to implement as many green materials as possible and this means that the houses don't only benefit the environment, but also your pocket.
  • Simple to install Ė One of the best things about prefabs is the fact that they are so quick to construct. Cabin Fever make each element of their products as easy as possible to put together and this means there should be no unnecessary delays when putting together your house.

The products that Cabin Fever offer

It would be fair to say that the company's Maxwell product range in the Cabin series is the most popular in their catalogue. There are a whole host of options available to customers and it's possible to purchase anything ranging from a small cabin, right the way to a full family home.

However, they have also succeeded in other products with the Zip series being a prime example. This is targeted at a slightly different audience as it is comprised of just one room and is generally utilized for an office, exercise room or studio. Of course, the series can be purchased in different sizes, yet the main aim of this product is to provide consumers for a modern solution for a specific use.

Another one of the big performers for Cabin Fever is the Eichler. This is also based on modern principles although many customers like the fact that it can integrate with the floor plans that have been established through Maxwell.

A summary on Cabin Fever

It is clear to see that Cabin Fever have a huge product range available to customers and the fact that itís so easy to customize the options is very impressive. Moreover, with each product designed with the four main principles in mind, itís no surprise to see so many customers speak highly of them.