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Prefab Home Models by Resolution:4 Architecture

Resolution:4 Architecture The Dwell Home modern prefab home.
Camp Smull.Resolution:4 Architecture The Dwell Home.The Mountain Retreat.

Resolution:4 Architecture

Resolution:4 Architecture have been responsible for a number of different products through their history and are traditionally associated with larger dwellings that provide a big focus on outside space. They have won numerous awards for their designs, with the 2003 Dwell Magazine Design Award arguably being their most impressive accolade to date.

History of Resolution:4 Architecture

While most prefab companies have been formed since the turn of the century, Resolution:4 Architecture differs in this regard. It has over twenty years of solid experience, having been established in 1990 by Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz. As mentioned previously, they have awards to back up their success and as well as the Dwell accolade, they have been accredited by the Chicago Athenaeum, AIA and the Boston Society of Architects.

What products are Resolution:4 Architecture responsible for?

Resolution:4 Architecture have been behind countless designs over their history, although unsurprisingly some have been much more successful than others. The following three projects can probably be regarded as some of their most impressive work:

  • Camp Smull
  • Dwell Home
  • Mountain Retreat

As one may gather from the Dwell Home, this is the design that was victorious in the Dwell design award. The developers decided to adopt similar approaches with the other two designs, with wood panels seemingly being the preferred material for exterior construction.

What features do Resolution:4 Architecture place particular emphasis on?

If one analyzes the Resolution:4 Architecture catalogue closely, it will be evident that practically every single project has made use of a large external decking area. In fact, on a lot of occasions the size of this space is very much comparable to the internal floor plan, with the company seemingly trying to create as many external features with their buildings as possible.

On a similar note, the architects tend to include outside fireplaces - again on the decking. This proves to be a fantastic addition to many designs and again means that occupants can spend plenty of time outdoors, which is seemingly the main ambition of the architects. Furthermore, the fireplaces don't just provide a feature on the decking itself, but the chimney stretches from the foot of the property right to the top and is clad in a very modern and appealing way.

In addition to the decking, few of Resoluton:4 Architecture’s make use of a garage. Instead, using the space created from first floor decking, the company usually decide to include a carport under this area.

A summary on Resolution:4 Architecture

In comparison to most prefab companies out there, it can definitely be said that Resolution:4 Architecture boast unique properties. They tend to focus on properties of the larger variety, mostly family homes, with all of them containing characteristics that certainly set them apart from other manufactured buildings in the industry. Furthermore, with organizations such as Dwell paying particular attention to the properties and even handing out awards to them, it goes to show just how established Resolution:4 Architecture are and how their reputation within the prefabs market is soaring.