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Prefab Home Models by kitHAUS

kitHAUS K3 modern prefab home.
K1 module.K2.K3.K4.


In comparison with most prefab architects out there, it would be fair to say that kitHAUS have taken a much different approach with their catalogue. The company pride themselves on producing small buildings - ones which are very rarely suitable for residential purposes. For this reason, they are unquestionably regarded as a niche manufacturer, but one who has still been praised from many quarters for the quality in design.

What products do kitHAUS produce?

kitHAUS name all of their buildings "modules" and in total there are seven available for the end consumer:

  • K1 - This is the joint largest in the catalogue, with the total size being 289 square feet. It benefits from a shed roof, as well as plenty of glass panels.
  • K2 - While this is identical in size to K1, it differs greatly on plenty of other levels. It's around $15,000 cheaper, while the design is much simpler and glass is mainly prevalent on the front elevation.
  • K3 - This is completely different to the previous two products and is smaller for a start, with the total size being 117 square feet. It is mainly constructed out of wood, with external blinds and a decking area being created around the building.
  • K4 - This utilizes similar principles to K3, with the building using wood as its primary material. The only major difference is the size, with K4 standing at 187 square feet.
  • K4+Bath - As the name of this product explains, K4+Bath is the K4 product that incorporates a bathroom. This means that a lot of individuals are purchasing it as a guest house for the garden.
  • K Pod - This is not the smallest product in the kitHAUS catalogue, but it is certainly the cheapest. Costing less than $20,000, K Pod is one of the simplest prefabs out there but it will certainly serve a purpose for a lot of buyers.
  • K5 - This is the smallest prefab in the catalogue, with K5 measuring just 100 square feet. It is made up of a lot of glass panels, meaning a lot of customers utilize it as a pool room.

What are the initial requirements for a kitHAUS prefab?

Due to the small nature of the kitHAUS products, some of the initial requirements differ to what they do for other manufacturers. To start with, most modules will not require a foundation - although the final decision will be made once an expert has analyzed the state of the ground that the building is going to be erected on.

The issue of building permits is another interesting topic. While most buildings require such documentation, any that is less than 120 square feet in size does not. Therefore, as a lot of the kitHAUS products fall into this category, this will not be the case.

What do most people use the kitHAUS buildings for?

Due to the size, it’s practically impossible to use any kitHAUS product as a dwelling. Therefore, a lot of people use them as pool houses, gyms or even private offices. At this point it is also worth mentioning that it is possible to combine modules – making an even bigger space.