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Prefab Home Models by Wieler

Greenbelt2 by Ralph Rapson and Wieler.
Greenbelt 1.Greenbelt 2.Stitch House.


With Wieler being the brainchild of Nathan Wieler, the architect who has designed buildings that have been critically acclaimed by Dwell in the past, it's really no surprise to see their reputation in the prefabs market soaring. Even though the company's range of products may not be quite as vast as some of their rivals, nobody can dispute that it is varied and this means they are likely to appeal to a range of different buyers.

What buildings are Wieler responsible for?

As mentioned previously, the catalogue that Wieler have to their brand is hardly extensive and only features three products:

  • Rapson Greenbelt
  • Stitch House
  • The Dwell House

It could be argued that the Rapson Greenbelt series is one of their best products, with this containing several designs that will appeal to buyers with varied needs - with the size and bedroom configuration differing within each. One thing that does remain the same is the general design principle, with the architects opting to rely heavily on wood which happens to create a very modern outlook.

Stitch House is a completely different product meanwhile, with this being available in just one size. Again, modernism is a key theme, although the designers have altered their principles somewhat and have limited the number of external architectural features. Instead, they have merely created a tall building with a flat roof - while every single window is at least 8-feet in size. As one may expect, the effect from such a product is certainly interesting and sets it apart from many other prefabs out there.

The final product mentioned was the Dwell Home. Anybody that has remote interest in the prefabricated buildings industry may have seen this building under the Resolution 4 Architecture umbrella - as they are another company that market the product. The reason for this is that the owner of Wieler happens to have also performed work for Resolution 4 Architecture, thus meaning that this modern building, which again focusses on wood, has made an appearance in the Wieler catalogue.

What other products do Wieler provide?

Wieler differ from practically every other prefab developer out there as they don't just specialize in buildings, but other products as well. Furniture is probably their other main forte, with the firm renowned as being behind some interesting design of various household components. Birdhouses are another form of product that Wieler are responsible for, with the Modern Birdhouses range being available to purchase from the company's store.

A summary on Wieler

On first look, most people may not pay serious attention to Wieler as it is clear that their catalogue is limited when compared against other buildings. However, on the other side of the coin, each product that Wieler have been responsible for boasts its own unique characteristics and this means that the company applies to a huge target market. As well as this, for those individuals that desire, it is possible to kit a home out in various furniture that the company have put their name to. Admittedly, most of such furniture revolves around birdhouses, but Wieler have also made other components such as modern chairs.