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Prefab Home Models by Place Houses

Place Housesl prefab homes.
Place Houses Medium.Place Houses Medium front.Place Houses Medium back.Place Houses Medium side.

Place Houses

Just like the majority of prefab companies out there, Place Houses have attempted to build their reputation on affordable and sustainable principles. In comparison to others, some would view their catalogue as relatively small, although they have still managed to forge a very good reputation in the industry.

What products are Place Houses responsible for?

It would be fair to say that Place Houses have concentrated their efforts on a small selection of buildings, with the current catalogue tally reading as five. It is clear to see that the company have done everything possible to target as many markets as possible, with each of their products holding a slightly different specification and appealing in a varied way. The company's buildings can be broken down into the following:

  • Tiny
  • Accessory
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small

The names of each of the buildings provide telling information as to what each offers, with Tiny designed for individuals for example while Large has been put together for families out there.

It could be said that Place Houses have put together quite a varied approach when it comes to the external design of all of the properties, with some using a very clean and simplistic design while others have taken on a very modern approach. In almost all of the designs, the company have taken advantage of horizontal wooden panels, which not only provide a very striking effect but also make the buildings more affordable for the end consumer. Various cladding techniques have also been utilized, with these also arriving in panels but to provide that modern finish.

Do Place Houses pay much attention to sustainability?

Just like practically every other prefab developer out there, Place Houses puts sustainability near the top of their priorities list. All of their properties are designed as having the potential to incorporate sustainable measures, although a lot of the time the final decision is left to the end buyer. This is due to the fact that while sustainable forms of construction can save buyers money in the long-term, they generally require a hefty initial investment. Subsequently, in order to keep costs down, Place Houses generally exclude such measures from their basic offerings.

For those individuals that are interested in installing the latest sustainable forms, the following options can be considered with all of the company's products:

  • Rainwater collection
  • Solar power measures
  • Passive heating and cooling
  • Eco-roof
  • Upgraded, high-performing glazing

A summary on Place Houses

It can be established that Place Houses are a vibrant prefab developer that are growing at a phenomenal rate. At the moment, their products are only available in the Pacific Northwest but the company have stated that this will change in the near future and they will be able to sell to anywhere in the country. Such a move is sure to raise the profile of the developer considerably, especially when all of the homes are of such a varied nature. They have unquestionably targeted the masses with their varied products and if they do have the opportunity to grow, it will be interesting to see how they expand their catalogue.