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MD 42

Modular Dwellings MD 42 prefab home.
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Modular Dwellings MD 42.Modular Dwellings MD 42 back.Modular Dwellings MD 42 front.Modular Dwellings MD 42 detail.

MD 42

Modular Dwellings are one of those prefab developers that make their product names as descriptive as possible. This is certainly the case with the MD 42, with this building being 42 square feet in size. This of course makes it a tiny property and one that is only suitable for a small range of purposes.

What does the exterior of MD 42 look like?

If one is looking to describe MD 42 in simple terms, it could be likened to a shed. Modular Dwellings have decided to be very basic with the finishings, with MD 42 arriving in an unfinished timber appearance.

In terms of features, perhaps fittingly, the MD 42 has a roof that is of the shed type variety. This again adds to the simplistic look that the architects have seemingly tried to achieve, although there is one major difference with the MD 42 and a standard shed and this revolves around the amount of glass. The whole of one wall is coated in glass, meaning that occupants are going to be blessed with a lot of natural light due to its tiny size. Some may decide to install curtains but even if this is done, there is still the potential for natural light to creep in via a horizontal window that rests above the main opening and the roof.

On a similar note, the architects have included an opening that occurs at the back of the building. The beauty of this feature is that when it is closed, it merely blends in with the rest of the exterior. Admittedly, it's opening span is quite limited, but it could prove a valuable source of air and ventilation when one wishes to have the door closed.

What does MD 42 look like internally?

Due to the tiny size of the MD 42, there really is little that can be said about the product from an internal point of view. There are no partitions, with occupants simply blessed with one space.

Due to the size of the property, some people have questioned just what it could be used for. Taking into account the internal design, the following are possibilities related to this:

  • Garden shed
  • Pool house
  • Summer house

It should be stated that due to the amount of glass on the front of the building, few people are expected to use MD 42 as a typical garden shed for tool storage. However, other forms of storage could be appropriate, although the other two uses are the most common associated with the product.

A summary on MD 42

There is no doubt that MD 42 has been designed for a niche market – with the building far too small to be used for any residential purposes, even temporary. However, the amount of glass on the building means that it can be used as a pleasant garden outbuilding and as the marketing images for the property have highlighted, it is suited to both daytime and night time use which perhaps highlights its versatility.

Basic Details
  • base price:
  • n/a
  • sq ft:
  • 42
  • base price/sq ft:
  • n/a
  • bedrooms:
  • n.a.
  • baths:
  • n.a.
  • garage:
  • no
Base Price Includes:
  • metal framed module
  • windows / door / siding