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Prefab Home Models by Modular Dwellings

Marmol Radziner Prefab prototype prefab home.
MD 42. MD 100. MD 120.MD 144.MD 280.

Modular Dwellings

Based in California, Modular Dwellings are responsible for a wide selection of prefab buildings. Some are only suited for use as a shed or garden outbuilding, whereas others can be utilized as a property for permanent residence. It would be fair to say that all of the designs focus on very consistent principles and this means the company have developed a very specific brand.

Who is responsible for the designs of the Modular Dwellings range?

Just like a lot of architects behind prefab buildings, the individual behind Modular Dwellings started off by designing furniture. Edgar Blazona is the man in question, with Blazona gaining a reputation for his sterling work as a designer through the 1990s. Following his decision to launch Modular Dwellings, various industry experts have been captivated by his work and the likes of Dwell, The New York Times and Azure have all covered the company in great detail.

What buildings are Modular Dwellings responsible for?

In total, Modular Dwellings are responsible for four different designs:

  • MD 42
  • MD 100
  • MD 120
  • MD 144
  • MD 280

For those that may not have assumed, each design name is associated to the amount of floor space in each building. For example, the smallest product in the catalogue, MD 42, has a total internal floor space of 42 square feet. As one can see, this means that there is a huge difference between the smallest and largest properties that the architect is responsible for with some only having the potential to be used as a shed, while others have been designed with the permanent occupant in mind.

However, while there are large differences in the size of each building, the general appearance is very similar. The company have attempted to include as many horizontal wood panels as possible, with these being unfinished in some of the smaller buildings mentioned. Furthermore, glass is prevalent in them all, meaning that every building under the Modular Dwellings umbrella is subject to a lot of natural light.

Are Modular Dwellings available for custom work?

Modular Dwellings do not provide any information that they are available for custom design work. With that being said, their catalogue provides a small indication that custom work is a possibility, with MD 144 being described as a building that was initially for a customer who had ordered a custom solution. Bearing this in mind, anybody on the lookout for a custom offering by Modular Dwellings is at least advised to contact the company to see what they can perform.

A summary on Modular Dwellings

In comparison to a lot of prefab architects out there, it could be said that Modular Dwellings are responsible for a small number of products. However, they have still managed to establish a very good reputation in the industry and the fact that they have relied on such similar design principles throughout highlights how successful their approach is. Admittedly, only one of their buildings can be considered as a permanent dwelling, but this is a tally that could increase in the future if their success continues to propel.