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Prefab Home Models by MK Designs by Blu Homes

MK Designs by Blu Homes Glidehouse prefab home.
MK Designs by Blu Homes Glidehouse interior.Sunset Breezehouse.Sidebreeze.mkSolaire.mkLoft.mkLotus.

MK Designs

MK Designs are regarded as one of the most forward thinking companies in the prefabs industry. The firm is behind some of the most aesthetically pleasing buildings that have been created via a prefabricated approach over recent times, while they also adopt other strategies that have aided their popularity as well.

Who is behind MK Designs?

igns is aptly named by its creator, Michelle Kaufmann. Kaufmann is a qualified architect and has been at the center of a number of awards, most notably the 2008 Top Firm Award by Residential Architect. She is regularly chosen to give talks to the construction industry, while she has also released her own book in recent times which aims to take readers through the whole process of prefabricated design.

What products are MK Designs responsible for?

It would be fair to say that MK Designs are responsible for a huge array of buildings, with the following regarded as some of their most popular:

  • Glidehouse
  • Sunset Breezehouse
  • Sidebreeze
  • mkSolaire
  • mkLoft
  • mkLotus

All of the properties differ enormously in relation to both design and size. For example, some are regarded as ideal family homes and span several floors, housing up to four bedrooms. However, others have clearly been designed with the individual or guest house hunter in mind and are very small, likened to a studio.

However, one thing that is similar through all of the designs is the modern construction. Even though some of the buildings will mainly use wood, while others will use a metal cladding, it is clear that MK Designs are targeting that modern look that is so desirable in construction of today. Another similarity is the emphasis on social spaces, with a lot of the buildings having various external zones that are ideal for sitting out and admiring the surroundings, or for entertaining guests on.

Designs adopt any sustainable principles?

One of the main topics that Michelle Kaufmann tends to give talks on is sustainability. Consequently, all of her designs are etched in green features and this means that customers will be gifted with a product that acts favorably in relation to the environment.

All of the buildings within the MK Designs range utilize a range of different green principles, whether it is the selection in materials, the water efficiency of the buildings or just energy conservation. It should also be mentioned that all of the properties meet the relevant standards in relation to sustainability, with the LEED rating of all of the designs always being very high.

A summary on MK Designs

MK Designs is yet another prefab architect who is forging a very good reputation in creating modern and green homes. Through her extensive work in the industry, Michelle Kaufmann has been able to instill all of her knowledge into the designs and create products that don’t just look aesthetically pleasing, but perform very well in relation to the environment. With the catalogue already relatively large, it should be easy for a lot of people to find a property that suits their lifestyle demands.