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Prefab Home Models by Marmol Radziner Prefab

Marmol Radziner Prefab prototype prefab home.
Rincon series.Skyline series.Custom prefab.

Marmol Radziner

After being formed in 2005, Marmol Radziner have based a reputation on providing countless prefabricated homes to the market. They are responsible for several series, while they have also been able to offer a custom service to their customers.

What products are Marmol Radziner responsible for?

Marmol Radziner have created three series over their history:

  • Skyline
  • Rincon
  • Locomo

Out of the three, it could be said that Skyline and Rincon are the most established. The former has been designed in correlation with Dwell - which highlights just how reputable the range is. As you may expect with anything that has been designed with Dwell, the buildings are very modern and are applicable to a range of customers - with sizes starting at 1,300 square feet and increasing to 2,800 square feet.

The Rincon series is regarded as a range that is suitable for smaller plots. Again, the company have instilled plenty of modern principles in the designs, while they have attempted to put as much emphasis on the exterior with a large decking area attaching to the front of the building.

It could be said that the Locomo Series is the most unique of the three series, although Dwell have again had a big say in the final designs. All of the properties within this range are regarded as eco-friendly and with prices starting at $200 per square foot, they are generally targeted at the budget buyer.

How established is the company's custom service?

While some prefab companies may offer a custom design service as a side service, it would be fair to say that Marmol Radziner have placed considerable importance on this section of their business. They have been responsible for countless custom designs, with some aimed at small plots while others have been placed on plots that are over 100 acres in size. This means that they have vast experience in the area and are able to accommodate a range of environmental factors.

Do Marmol Radziner place much emphasis on sustainability?

Just like most prefab architects, Marmol Radziner attempt to implement as many sustainable factors into their design as possible. Perhaps one of the most surprising issues is their openness on natural light, with the company admitting that they attempt to place as many windows in their designs as possible to provide occupants with maximum light. Elsewhere, other factors that benefit the buildings in relation to green design is the potential for solar panels, efficient appliances and high-insulated glass.

A summary on Marmol Radziner

When one looks at the range of products that Marmol Radziner have been responsible for, it is clear to see that the company are hugely experienced and competent. The fact that they have been able to liaise with Dwell for a lot of their buildings is very impressive and means that they have hugely modern standards throughout their designs. Of course, their custom packages certainly shouldn’t be ignored either and their catalogue highlights that they have been able to produce some truly impressive designs for a range of clients.