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Jeriko House Modular Home System

Cabin Fever Metro Cabin series of prefab cabins.

Jeriko House

Based in Louisiana, Jeriko House provide a range of modern houses that aim to target individuals who want dwellings of luxury. They are known for creating large homes that include lots of entertainment and social spaces, made from the most modern materials out there.

What homes are Jeriko House responsible for?

The architect is mainly responsible for three buildings under their brand:

  • Jeriko Jude - This is the joint largest property that they have created, with Jude spanning 4,320 square feet. It is formed over two storeys, contains three bedrooms - with most of the floor space being taken up by luxurious areas such as bars, walk-in-closets, powder rooms and relaxation rooms.
  • Jeriko Luke - In comparison to Jude, Luke is much more basic. It is almost half the side, contains one less bedroom, while the architects have placed more emphasis on making the most out of the standard rooms one would expect to find from a house.
  • Jeriko Caleb - Internally, Caleb is almost identical to Jude. The floor size and plan is exactly the same, with the only difference being the exterior which has much more emphasis on glass and natural light.

Do Jeriko House offer a custom design service?

It could be said that the custom design service which Jeriko House offer is different to practically every other prefabs company out there. Most will take down a specification from the client, before proceeding to build a project that meets the requirements. However, while it is understood that Jeriko House are happy to provide said service, they also go an extra step in giving the client the ultimate flexibility. Through the use of online software, it is possible to create a custom floor plan before sending this to Jeriko House architects.

What do Jeriko House specialize in?

The company claim to have experience within all forms of prefabs. While most of their buildings are marketed as residential, they can be moderately adjusted so they can be used in a commercial sense. Of course, for those individuals who want a specialist commercial solution, it could be advisable to utilize a custom design so that all requirements are taken into consideration.

What materials do Jeriko House have experience in using?

With Jeriko House now a reputable brand within the industry, they have been able to utilize various materials in their products over the years. They make use of around eighty different materials in the construction of their buildings, with the following being some of the most common:

  • Bamboo Core
  • Bamboo Stripe
  • Lava Stone
  • Marble
  • Andesite Stone

A summary on Jeriko House

By merely looking through their portfolio it is obvious to see that Jeriko House are one of the most experienced and reputable brands in the prefab industry. While they may only have three main products in their catalogue, all are seen in a very positive light and will be well received by individuals looking for that "premium" home. Of course, while the specified prefabs are mainly designed for dwellings, it's very easy to order a commercial solution by utilizing the custom option that the company provides.