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Prefab Home Models by Hive Modular

Hive Modular B-Line modern prefab home.

Hive Modular

Having been founded in 2004, Hive Modular has come a long way during its short history. Over the last few years the company have created numerous prefab ranges and as well as offering modular designs, they are now open to custom buildings for clients that desire.

What homes are available in the Hive Modular catalogue?

Hive Modular have split their brochure into two separate sections; concepts and models. In terms of the former, there are currently six series' in the concepts category:

  • A-LINE
  • B-LINE
  • C-LINE
  • M-LINE
  • S-LINE
  • X-LINE

As the name may give away, all of the designs that are classed as concepts have not yet been built and are there to merely showcase what is possible. Each separate group provides different principles; with A-Line based on the single module design policy while B-Line are focussed on a narrow design, for example.

In terms of the models series, these are based on real-life built projects. There are fewer products that fall into this bracket, with three currently existing:

  • B-Lines
  • C-Lines
  • X-Lines

Does the company incorporate sustainable design principles?

In comparison to some prefab architects, it could be said that Hive Modular have put sustainable design on the back seat. However, they still make sure they adhere to all of the latest regulations and while their products might not be the most sustainable in the market, they will be sure to satisfy the majority of customers who merely want a property that is able to sufficiently deter the elements.

It is worth mentioning that while most properties in the catalogue do not rely on sustainable principles, the company have at least given buyers the opportunity to improve their home's impact on the environment. It's possible to include additional sustainable features in the prefab you purchase from Hive Modular, with some people opting to utilize concepts such as green roofs, rainwater collection, recycled materials and ICF foundations.

What are the details about custom design work?

In comparison to rival companies in the prefab industry, it can be said that Hive Modular place much more emphasis on custom design work. While their product catalogue is relatively big, they also market their custom services to a large extent and even have their own series, the X-Line, which showcases all of their previous custom work.

Due to the nature of custom design, it won't be surprising to hear that it is advisable to contact the company for more information on whether or not they can meet your requirements. However, a useful fact to know is that their standard charge for custom work is 15% of the construction cost - which should give you an idea on whether or not the practice is worth it for your proposed building.

Do Hive Modular offer commercial solutions?

Should one pose a direct question on this subject to Hive Modular, the usual answer is that they only deal with residential properties. However, for those that wish to be creative, some of the smaller properties that arrive without specified bedrooms and kitchen fittings can be suitable for small offices.