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Prefab Modular Home System by Blue Sky Homes

Blue Sky Homes Retreat model prefab home.
BSH 500.BSH 1000.BSH 1500.BSH 1800.
Photos by Nuvue Interactive

Established in 2007, Blue Sky Homes are regarded as one of the most competent architects within the prefabs industry. They have been featured by numerous press outlets and have largely received positive reviews through the development of the BSH series.

What products do Blue Sky Homes offer?

Blue Sky Homes have built their reputation from their BSH series, which currently contains around six products. However, out of those six it is probably the following which are the most highly regarded:

  • BSH 500
  • BSH 1000
  • BSH 1500
  • BSH 1800

As some people may guess, each of these designs is based on the size of the building in square feet. It would be fair to say that all of the buildings incorporate features from each other and this means that Blue Sky Homes try and maintain the same principles throughout all their products. Moreover, while the primary aim of all of these products is to act as a house, many people have purchased them for commercial reasons such as for office space.

What are some of the flagship projects that have been completed by Blue Sky Homes?

One of the main reasons why Blue Sky Homes are able to attract a lot of customers is due to their project portfolio. The company have a huge selection of examples of their work and while a lot of these are based on their standard offerings, they have also produced some customized versions for various clients.

It should also be stated that while prefabs are generally regarded as very modern buildings, Blue Sky Homes have demonstrated an ability to produce designs that are based on a more traditional appearance. Admittedly, their priority appears to stick with modern offerings, yet it is clear they at least have the capability to venture into other fields.

How do the media view Blue Sky Homes?

Over the years there have been several positive reports featured on Blue Sky Houses, with the likes of Builder News, AIA Architect and Architect Magazine being just several of the big outlets that have covered the company.

However, perhaps the best publicity came from news giant CNN Money. The station featured one of the company's past clients, a man named David McAdam, and followed his progress following his build with Blue Sky Homes. It appears as though the main focus of the report was the energy efficiency of the building - with the architects putting plenty of emphasis onto this matter whilst designing.

A summary on Blue Sky Homes

Considering the immense competition that is lodged within the prefabs industry, it is certainly very difficult to analyse how a company performs. However, the fact that Blue Sky Homes have brought out several products that have already been received so well by consumers speaks volumes about how much success the company is enjoying. Moreover, even though Blue Sky Homes seemingly make it their priority to design their offerings for residential customers, each of their designs can easily be mildly altered for commercial use.