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Prefab Home Models by Adam Kalkin

Adam Kalkin's Quik House modern prefab home.
Quik House.$99,000 House.Kalkin House.12 Container House.

Adam Kalkin

Whenever an artist utilizes his or her design skills in the built environment the results are always going to be interesting. This can certainly be said about Adam Kalkin, with the architect devising some of the most innovative prefabricated buildings the industry has ever seen. His main claim to fame is the fact that he reuses shipping containers to construct the main bulk of his properties, with these components usually integrating with a steel frame that completes a building that can be lived in by anyone. Due to the fact that governments all over the world are obsessed about energy efficiency and sustainability, the use of containers in this style has certainly pleased a lot of people in those departments.

Moreover, as well as providing some truly breathtaking designs, Kalkin has also paid particular attention to cost. Most of his prefabs are affordable for everyone and he has even designed some that have paid constant attention to keeping the total cost as low as possible.

A history on Adam Kalkin

A US citizen, Kalkin was born in 1963 and demonstrated a huge talent in design and architecture from a young age. He firstly graduated from Vassar College, before then targeting his abilities in the UK as he attended the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. It was this education that provided him with the necessary skills to not only put his work in museums, but to also enable people to live in his designs.

What buildings has Kalkin designed?

Kalkin has been at the center of many high profile buildings over the years, but the following are probably regarded as some of his most impressive pieces of work:

  • Quik House
  • $99,000 House
  • Kalkin House
  • 12 Container

As you can see, practically all of the names of the buildings tell a completely different story. In the case of the Quik House, Kalkin has attempted to create an offering that is exceptionally quick to manufacture and construct. As the name of the $99,000 house clearly explains, this is focused heavily on costing and the fact that one can have the whole building delivered to the site for the above sum is incredibly impressive. Few will have any problems in finding out what the 12 Container House is and many are intrigued to see just how a person can put together twelve shipping containers to create a habitat that is worthy of being lived in by humans. Kalkin House is probably the one that could cause a stumbling block in terms of guesswork, although with the construction being held in a museum for most of its life it is clear to see just how highly regarded it is.

A summary on Adam Kalkin

Many people are surprised when they read about Adam Kalkin, as it is so rare to find an artist that is also clearly talented in the field of architecture. However, Kalkin's educational background has certainly helped him become a unique character in the built environment and the fact he satisfies both art admirers and house-hunters is incredible to say the least.