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Prefab Modular Home System by MA Modular

MA Modular.
MA Modular's 36'  modules.MA Modular's 60' modules.

MA Modular

As the name of this company may give away, MA Modular have based a reputation on providing modular based prefabricated homes in the United States. One of their sales taglines is that they can go from "zero-to-house" in 180 days - thus creating a very quick process for individuals who wish to acquire a modern dwelling.

What products are MA Modular responsible for?

MA Modular are a company who appear to be constantly releasing new products and their catalogue is constantly changing. Some of their most successful buildings include:

  • Luna/Ford
  • Michigan
  • Blue Crest
  • Ruth
  • Blanco River
  • Meadow
  • Village West
  • Brenham
  • Fire Island

However, while the above are very known systems in the MA Modular range, the 36' Modules and 60' Modules are probably the most reputable. Each of these series contains three buildings, with each being either 36 feet or 60 feet long depending on the range it has been included in. Each building only differs slightly, but with some able to accommodate two bedrooms while others are merely studio offerings it is clear to see that they appeal to a wide range of customers.

What is included in the initial price?

There are always discrepancies as to just what is included in the cost of prefab, although MA Modular have been quite specific as to what their initial price includes. The company allow all of the surveys and inspections to be included in this base price, along with the design of the building. From a structural point of view, all of the windows, insulation, plumbing, frame, roof and foundations are in the final cost, as are the internal features such as cabinets, flooring and other fixtures.

However, while one can budget for the above, there are several issues which have to be taken into account additionally. For example, outside decking is a prominent feature in most of the MA Modular designs, yet this is not included in the basic price. Similarly, any other landscaping is not included, as are the service costs such as bringing water or electric to the property.

What sustainable measures can be included in MA Modular designs?

In comparison to other prefab architects, it could be said that MA Modular place less emphasis on sustainable measures in the buildings. However, they do at least promote several policies such as solar panels, rainwater collection and geothermal heating and cooling. Admittedly, it is most likely possible for one to consult with the company and arrange other measures, but the above three are the ones that are only advertised.

A summary on MA Modular

MA Modular can be described as a standard prefab architect, with the company responsible for a large range of houses that can be suitable for a variation of customers. However, due to the nature of most of the designs, it is probably also possible to utilize most of the buildings for commercial reasons as well. Bearing this in mind, the flexibility in the MA Modular brand is very impressive and this is probably the main reason why they have become so successful.