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Prefab Home Models by Stillwater dwellings

Prefab homes by Stillwater dwellings.
Stillwater dwellings MH mini.Stillwater Dwellings SD-S.

Stillwater Dwellings

When one analyzes the Stillwater Dwellings catalogue, they may find it quite surprising to see that the company was only founded in 2008. This is because the architects have been hard at work since then and they have managed to produce a series of products that is large to say the least. Fortunately, quality has not been compromised with such a large volume of prefabs and Stillwater Dwellings have been able to establish themselves as a very good provider of such housing.

What products are Stillwater Dwellings responsible for?

In total, there are two main series of products that the company have developed since their formation:

  • S Series
  • Mini Series

It has to be said that there are many similarities between both of these products, with the external features varying minimally. The roof is perhaps the most unique feature about all of the buildings that Stillwater Dwellings have released, with this being in butterfly form. This goes against the grain of most prefab houses, with the modern ones usually making use of the simple, flat option.

Internally, many of the products are hugely different though. The architects have worked hard to implement different floor plan designs, with most taking on completely alternate shapes. Moreover, the difference in internal floor plan sizes is quite substantial as well, with some being several thousand square feet in size while others are just 400 square foot - primarily designed as a studio home. As you may gather, the products that fall into the latter category are part of the Mini Series, although the company have released just two buildings into this category at the current time.

Do Stillwater Dwellings provide customers with any degree of customization?

In comparison to a lot of prefab developers, there's no doubt that Stillwater Dwellings mainly concentrate on their prefabs range and may often refuse custom work. Admittedly, they take each project on a case-by-case basis, but as one may be able to tell through the size of the catalogue, they mainly concentrate all of their resources on prefab offerings.

Another reason why they mainly concentrate on readymade designs is due to the fact that they are already allowing the customer plenty of customization. This is because on each product they sell, they give the buyer the choice of three finishing options:

  • Modern
  • Natural
  • Original

The names of each of these options tell a convincing description of what each means, with each one influencing properties from an internal and external point of view. This means that while two people might buy the same prefab product, there is a big chance that it will look differently both on the inside and outside due to the materials that have been selected by the different buyers.

A summary on Stillwater Dwellings

In conclusion, the progress Stillwater Dwellings have made in the few years since their formation is staggering. They are able to offer an incredible number of products to their consumers, while the fact that each buyer has so many customization options makes them different to many of their rivals.