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Prefab Home Models by Office of Mobile Design

Office of Mobile Design Show House.
Swell House.Portable House.Desert Hot Springs Prefab.

Office of Mobile Design

The philosophy behind Office of Mobile Design is very similar to a lot of other prefab companies out there, with the firm paying particular attention to modern design and sustainability. The brainchild of Jennifer Siegal, the developer has progressed at a rapid pace over the years and one of their biggest claims to fame is the fact that their buildings, on average, cost 15% less than conventional properties.

Who is behind Office of Mobile Design?

As stated previously, Jennifer Siegal is the architect behind Office of Mobile Design after founding the company on the back of a sterling reputation in the industry. Having gained a master's degree in Architecture in 1994, her educational background blossomed when she performed some work at Harvard University's School of Design.

Of course, Siegal also has some fantastic accolades from a practical sense. Many of her buildings have been showcased across various mediums across the world, with broadcasters such as CNN and HGTV regularly picking up her work. She has also won numerous awards for her work in the field of building design and all of this means that Office of Mobile Design has been provided with fantastic foundations to build on.

What buildings are Office of Mobile Design responsible for?

Over the years the company has been able to produce umpteen designs across the field, with their catalogue currently containing sixteen buildings. Admittedly, some of these are more popular than others, with the following regarded as some of OMD's best pieces of work:

  • Swell House
  • PortableHouse
  • Desert Hot Springs

Through these buildings the scope of the company can be fully explored. For example, in Swell House, the architects have done their upmost to implement as many modern principles as possible and this is evident through the extensive use of glass. PortableHouse on the other hand is a completely different product and while it does contain some modern design features, the main aim is to make this as portable as possible. Finally, Desert Hot Springs is the concept of a luxurious house, with the building's shape and exterior features making a very aesthetically pleasing spectacle.

Are Office of Mobile Design available for commercial solutions?

While some users may attempt to adapt some of the above offerings for commercial use, for those that want a more direct solution the company do produce various commercial properties. Admittedly, the commercial sector of Office of Mobile Design is slightly smaller, with just five designs part of this branch. Nevertheless, the options are there and it is likely the OMD will expand this range in the future.

A summary on Office of Mobile Design

Considering the fact that just one architect is behind the majority of the success that Office of Mobile Design have achieved, it is very impressive to see how much progress the developer has made over the years. Their catalogue is constantly expanding and with OMD also venturing into commercial properties now, it is clear that their target audience is large to say the least.