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Prefab Home Models by Modesthouse

MH by Modesthouse.
MH.MH mini.


With Modesthouse merely concentrating on two products in their catalogue, it can be established that the company are one of the smaller prefab companies out there. Nevertheless, their reputation is still very solid and with many complimenting their transparent and modern approach, it is understood that they will be releasing more products to their line in the near future.

What products are Modesthouse responsible for?

As stated previously, the Modesthouse catalogue is quite small and currently only contains two products in MH and MH Mini. When one takes a look at both buildings, the similarities are frightening and the architects have made the exteriors almost identical. There is a massive emphasis on glass, with all four sides of the property being fitted with windows that stretch from floor to ceiling. The roof is another obvious similarity, with the designers opting to install a butterfly roof which only adds to the modern style that is clearly being targeted. Decking is also prevalent in both buildings and, especially in MH Mini, this outside space is crucial and will make the product much more desirable for a lot of potential buyers.

At this point it should be mentioned that while the name of MH Mini suggests that it is a tiny product, it still facilitates two bedrooms. This is just one less than its sister product, MH, meaning that families could be targeted through both buildings.

Do Modesthouse implement sustainable measures into their properties?

One of the reasons why Modesthouse have become so successful over the years is because of the emphasis they place on sustainable measures. Practically every sustainability factor one can think of is included, with the following being some examples:

  • Structural Insulated Panels - The inclusion of this measure should not really come as a surprise, as SIPS are prevalent in the majority of prefabs out there. For those that are unaware, SIPS allow buildings to be erected quickly as they combine the basic walls and insulation in the same material.
  • Ground source heat pump - This is an optional addition for most customers, as GSHPs tend to be quite expensive. Nevertheless, their reputation is soaring and with some contractors not familiar with the technology behind them, it's impressive to see that Modesthouse offer this option. In simple terms, a GSHP is a sustainable heating measure - with the heat arriving from the earth's core and being transferred upwards to the building.
  • Green Roof - Due to the fact that all of the Modesthouse designs have flat roofs, the inclusion of a green roof has proved to be very easy for the architects.

A summary on Modesthouse

To summarize, Modesthouse are one of the smaller prefab architects out there, although they have still managed to forge a terrific reputation in the industry. Through their modern and sustainable designs, they have been able to capture a large customer base with families tending to be their main target market. Following such success, one can only assume that the catalogue will grow in the future.