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Prefab Models by Method Homes

Method Homes - Cabin Series of modern prefab homes and cabins.
Cabin Series.S-M-L Series.

Method Homes

Method Homes are an architectural company in the prefabs industry who have built a reputation on several series of products that they have brought to the market. They place extra emphasis on sustainability within all of their developments and this means they are viewed favourably by both the industry and individuals looking for a new building design.

What buildings are Method Homes responsible for?

In comparison to most developers in the prefabs industry, Method Homes are certainly responsible for a large number of buildings. In total, they have developed properties under the following series:

  • Series M
  • Series Cabin
  • Series S-M-L
  • Paradigm
  • HOMB
  • Elemental
  • Option
  • Cottage

As the names of some of these series may suggest, Method Homes have experience in producing a range of designs - both traditional and modern. It could be said that Series Cabin and Series S-M-L are two of the most prominent for the company, with both containing several properties that have been received very well by industry experts.

In the case of Series Cabin, this is comprised of five different models. Each varies in size, with the smallest being 1,298 square feet while the largest increases to 2,600 square feet. All of the products within this category boast an exterior that is heavily focussed on wood, while the majority are ideal for most average-sized families.

In relation to S-M-L, this product does exactly what the name suggests. It has a small, medium and large product - although with the large being less than 1,000 square feet in size, it would be fair to say that none of the designs are exactly suitable for families. Instead, it is individuals or couples that are seemingly targeted, with the smallest offering being a studio while the biggest can hold two bedrooms in some configurations.

The Island Home Construction project

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of Method Homes is their Island Home Construction project. This could affect anyone living in a "challenging and remote" area, with the concept aiming to provide aid to those individuals who are usually hindered when attempting to erect a new building. For one to qualify for the project, the site usually has to be highly unsuitable in the way of being very steep or extremely remote.

A summary on Method Homes

Method Homes can be described as being one of the most comprehensive prefab developers out there, with the company responsible for a huge range of products. They have demonstrated superb ability in all forms of construction, whether it is modern buildings or the traditional ones such as those found in the Series Cabin range.

As well as their versatility in relation to design, it is clear that Method Homes pride themselves in the way they are able to implement sustainability and building techniques. All of their buildings contain the latest eco measures and as demonstrated by the Island Home Construction, they are able to work with a range of different environments. This all means that they can be considered for all forms of new buildings.