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EcoSteel 6040 modern prefab home.
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Anyone who has seen the 6030 offering from Eco Steel may see plenty of similarities when they look at the 6040. As the name may give away, although it's not entirely obvious, the 6040 boasts four bedrooms as opposed to the three that the 6030 has. There is also an additional bathroom, meaning that this property is certainly targeted at those large families out there.

What is the general design of the 6040?

The main difference between the 6040 and the 6030 is the ground floor, with the former boasting a master suite at this level. There is no doubt that this master suite is the main feature of the property as not only does it act as the main bedroom, but it also provides sole access, via a stylish spiral staircase, to space on the second floor that many will use as an office or library. The remainder of the ground floor is very similar, with the kitchen and living space being very much open plan.

The first floor the 6040 is very similar to the 6030 - when you take out the space above the master bedroom on ground level. This floor also contains its own master bedroom, with this containing its own bathroom and lots of closet space. There are two further bedrooms that are more than capable of holding double beds, as well as a family bathroom.

Eco Steel have also implemented a garage into the 6040 and while this may not contain the specialist bike compartment that the 6030 possesses, it at least has its own toilet. Moreover, as you've probably guessed, the garage can facilitate two cars.

What does the exterior of the 6040 look like?

Due to the construction methods that have been utilized with the 6030 and the 6040, one should not be surprised to hear that there is little variation in appearance. Both boast that paneled cladding effect which has become so prevalent on prefabricated offerings over the years, and this makes the effect very modern. It could be said that the 6040 is slightly taller than the 6030, while the roof is almost identical as it is flat with an overhang over around a quarter of the building.

A summary on the 6040

Eco Steel have made no secret of the fact that the 6040 is less popular than the 6030 product, but that certainly doesn't mean that this building should be crossed off your potential wish list. All of the properties that Eco Steel manufacture are huge in size and due to the fact that this building already holds four readymade bedrooms, it is probably just too big for a lot of families out there.

Nobody can doubt that the 6040 looks very appealing from the outside, while the spacious interior is an added benefit and will be ideal for those families that require such vast space. It has to be said that the overall appearance of the 6040 is probably not suitable for commercial premises and one should look towards other prefab offerings if this is the aim.

Basic Details
  • base price:
  • varies
  • sq ft:
  • 3,065
  • base price/sq ft:
  • varies
  • bedrooms:
  • 4
  • baths:
  • 4
  • garage:
  • no
Base Price Includes:
  • windows/ doors
  • interior walls/ceilings
  • metal frame/exterior/roof
  • insulation