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Prefab Home Models by EcoSteel

6040 House modern prefab home  by EcoSteel
EcoSteel 6030EcoSteel 6040.

EcoSteel have built a solid business on providing prefabricated properties to both the residential and commercial market. They vary considerably in comparison to rival companies in the field, with EcoSteel generally providing custom solutions. However, once they have completed a design, they do permit other customers to utilize that building - meaning their catalogue expands with practically every client they take on.

What residential projects have EcoSteel completed?

While EcoSteel make no secret of the fact that they specialize in both residential and commercial fields, it is undoubtedly the former which they have created most of their buildings in. In fact, they've completed well over thirty residential designs, meaning they have vast experience in this field. Out of this large total, the following buildings are regarded as some of their proudest completions:

  • The St Helena Project - Being 6800 square feet in size, it would be fair to say that the St Helena Project is absolutely gigantic. As well as looking hugely impressive through its modern, colorful appearance, this project was built on uneven terrain which highlights just how much EcoSteel can achieve even if the environment is working against them.
  • Mount Diablo - This project is an example of EcoSteel's engineering skills, as Mount Diablo was actually designed by an architect named Bendrew Jong. It spans well over 10,300 square feet, highlighting its size, while EcoSteel were responsible for the structural design with the result a hugely impressive dwelling.
  • Goshawk Ranch - This was one design that EcoSteel took entire credit for. It's another massive residential project and the company showed their green principles by including an electric windmill and grey water irrigation system.

What commercial properties have EcoSteel completed?

Even though EcoSteel have completed more residential properties, some of the commercial buildings they have been responsible for are hugely impressive, with a selection detailed below:

  • Northern Steel - EcoSteel were charged with the task of creating a unique, coastal-like home for Northern Steel. They completed the project using nothing but steel, while they implemented customized stairs and railings which highlighted another forte of their business.
  • Forj Lofts - Situated in Delaware, this project was unique in the sense that EcoSteel had to alter their design approach so the building could cope with high winds. In the end, the result was a mixed use property which incorporated four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and an entertainment deck across three stories.
  • Waste Management Retrofit, Brooklyn - This was another interesting project from EcoSteel, as the client only required a shell for their existing building to cure a weather proofing issues. The company took great pride in developing the shell, even though no building plans could be located.

A summary on EcoSteel

There is no doubt that EcoSteel is one of the most renowned providers of prefabricated buildings in the world. Some of the projects the company have worked on are unbelievable and due to the fact they only use steel in all of their designs, they are able to utilize solutions that rival companies would not be able to consider.