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Prefab Modular Home System by Bamboo Living

Bamboo Commons Collection.
BC 20x40.David Sands Signature Collection.

While most prefab companies appear to have been established with the sole aim of generating as much profit as possible, this certainly isn't the case with Bamboo Living who are also trying to preserve the environment. To do this, they have included bamboo as much as possible in all of their designs and this means as well as looking exceptionally nice on the eye, all of their houses are very green as well.

What are the main products from Bamboo Living?

Bamboo Living have mainly generated a positive reputation through two products; Bamboo Commons Collection and David Sands Signature Collection.

It can be said that both collections vary considerably and starting with the Bamboo Commons Collection, this series of products merely change in size. They are each named by the amount of floor space they cover and while Bamboo Living specify various designs for each product, they also permit the customer to customize each house and vary the rooms around as much as possible. While there is considerable emphasis on bamboo through these products, it could be said that most of the products within the series look manufactured - which is in contrast to the David Sands Collection as all of these look incredibly natural.

As well as boasting a natural appearance, the David Sands Collection has much more varied buildings. For example, in the Bamboo Commons Collection most of the designs are quite rigid, yet the Signature Collection has some truly unique designs - some made out of shapes that you just wouldn't think was possible for a house. All of them have covered porches, while the roofs are constructed to look very traditional and add to the whole look that Bamboo Living are attempting to create.

Why does Bamboo Living promote bamboo so much?

While it is assumed that the main reason the company use bamboo is for green purposes, it can also be shown that the material performs much better in wood in numerous regards such as the following:

  • Bamboo is stronger - The material has a much better rate of compression than wood and the fact that one inch of bamboo can withstand 7.5t highlights this factor.
  • It's less susceptible to pests - One of the worst problems a home owner can face is termites, as serious issues can even result in houses having to be destroyed. Fortunately, termites do not even entertain encroaching into bamboo.
  • They are stronger against hurricanes - Various studies over the years have highlighted that bamboo performs much better against wood when faced against hurricanes. In fact, in one example, some products from the company were able to hold their structure against hurricanes of up to 173mph.
  • They are stronger against earthquakes - It's a well-known fact that most houses will simply cave under when faced with an earthquake. As bamboo does not snap, but instead simply bends, it means there is more of a chance that it will be able to withstand pressure from any earthquakes that hit the area.