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Prefab Home Models by Sander Architects

Sander Architects Model 1 prefab home.

Sander Architects

In comparison to some prefab architects out there, it can definitely be argued that Sander Architects place less emphasis on their prefab range. While their reputation within the construction industry is very positive, from a prefabs point of view they are just starting out and it will be interesting to see how their catalogue progresses through time.

Already, they at least appear to be trying to make a difference within the sector with their policies on their prefab products. Such policies include giving customers a huge range of options for their products - with the general steel frame usually just remaining in-tact and customers having the opportunity to decide on a whole host of features.

Who is behind Sander Architects?

There are two main individuals behind Sander Architects, with the first being Whitney Sander. As the name suggests, this is the owner of the company and he founded it all the way back in 1987. Just like most architects, Sander boasts an impressive educational background having obtained a Masters in Architecture at Yale University. As well as this, he has been on the other side of the desk, after also teaching in Yale.

The other individual is Catherine Hollis, who is the Director of Interior Design at the company. It would be fair to say that Hollis' career has taken a slightly different path than that of Sander's, as she has an MFA in Screenwriting and is also regarded as a very competent web designer. She has seemingly taken on all of her talent in the design field to the construction industry and after joining Sander Architects in 2003, she has been able to introduce many of her designs into client projects.

What projects have Sander Architects been responsible for?

Having been in existence for so long, there's no question that Sander Architects have a backlog of experience when it comes to past projects. Over recent time, the following buildings can be regarded as some of their most interesting:

  • Hybrid House
  • Canal House
  • Surf House
  • X House
  • C House

As the name of all of these projects suggest, the company have no qualms about diversifying into a range of different types of construction - with all five of the above varying incredibly. Some use glass to a large extent, while others, such as C House and X House, are based on shapes. All of the above means that Sander Architects are extremely versatile and this is probably the reason why they have provided so much flexibility to their customers in relation to their prefabs range.

A summary on Sander Architects

All in all, Sander Architects can certainly be viewed as one of the more unique companies in the field. Few people would argue that their main catalogue is the core of their business, with their prefab range currently quite small. However, after achieving so much success through general client-based homes, expectations are high that the company will start to see progress in their prefabs catalogue and become a leader in the sector.

  • Sander Architects Model 1.
  • Sander Architects Model 2.
  • Sander Architects Model 3.
  • Sander Architects Model 41.
  • Sander Architects Model 5.