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Prefab Home Models by Rocio Romero

Rocio Romero The Dwell Home modern prefab home.
Rocio Romero LV Series.
Images coursey of Rocio Romero, photographed by Richard Sprengler

Rocio Romero

Rocio Romero is a small prefab firm, with the company currently responsible for several designs. As well as providing prefabs, they also have a history in commercial interiors and providing custom solutions for those that require.

History of Rocio Romero

Anybody that is not familiar with Chilean culture may not realize that Rocio Romero is named after an individual. A Chilean-American born architect, she has been responsible for some of the most innovative designs across the United States, Chile, Canada and also in Europe. Furthermore, as well as an impressive practical background, Romero has all of the education credentials having been a graduate of the University of California. She actually boasts two degrees to her name and this can perhaps highlight her creative nature, with one being a Bachelor of Arts while the other is a Major in Architecture.

Through her career, Romero has been at the center of various publications with the likes of The New Yorker, Dwell and Architecture Magazine all paying tribute to her work. All of the above means that her design company has fantastic foundations and it really is no surprise to see it becoming so successful.

What buildings are Rocio Romero responsible for?

All of Rocio Romero's prefab work stems through the LV Series. This catalogue of designs takes several principles and implements them in multiple plans. Unquestionably, modernism and minimalism are two of the major issues that considered with many of the products, with an emphasis on space, glass and light all being prevalent. Furthermore, just like most prefab buildings out there, green design is prioritized, with the company aiming to make all of their designs as energy efficient as possible via the use of multiple construction methods.

In total, there are four main products that form part of the Rocio Romero catalogue:

  • LV Home
  • LVL Home
  • LVM Home
  • LVG

All of the above are very similar externally, with each of them using a white render alongside countless glass openings. Internally, it's usually only the size that differs, with the company seemingly trying to create as little difference as possible. It should be mentioned that LVL Home is the largest product from the company, with this holding three bedrooms, while LVM is the smallest and is regarded as a studio. LVG meanwhile is a garage, with many clients deciding to attach this to one of the other buildings.

Custom design from Rocio Romero

As mentioned previously, the company works in other fields different to the prefabs sector, with custom design being high on their agenda. They are able to provide a complete design process from the start of the project to the very end, with the fees generally being 15% of the total cost.

A summary on Rocio Romero

Rocio Romero are another modern prefab designer in the market, although they differ slightly as it is just one individual that is responsible for their day-to-day work. While this may indicate that they are quite a small firm, Romero's previous work and educational background suggests that she is up there with the best and her company should at least be considered with their LV Series.