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Prefab Home Models by MFINITY

MFINITY microSystem.


When MFINITY is compared directly to other prefab architects, one of the main differences one will see is the size of the company. As well as only constructing small properties, they are also only responsible for a small range of products. Some would argue that this means that even more emphasis is placed on quality within the MFINITY range, with all of the buildings regarded very highly in the construction industry.

The company were started by Carib Daniel Martin - a licensed architect that has around fifteen years of experience in the industry. Through his career, modern design has been one of his specializations and this can unquestionably be seen through a lot of the MFINITY products, with the microSYSTEM range being very modern throughout. In fact, his ability in relation to modern design can be pointed towards various press accolades, with some of his work being utilized in prestigious magazines like Interior Design and Dwell.

What products do MFINITY construct?

MFINITY are mainly known for their work with the microSYSTEM, with this containing four products in total:

  • microSHED
  • microSTUDIO
  • microCABANA
  • microHOME

It can probably established from the name of all of the products that they are very small in size, with most usually being used as small outbuildings for the garden. For example, microSHED is merely designed for the storage of garden equipment and while the size of the products do gradually increase, microHOME is the largest and this is still only capable of being a guest house with a small kitchen area and bathroom.

What sort of prices do MFINITY charge for installation and delivery?

One of the most impressive issues about MFINITY is the pricing structure. While a lot of developers in the industry will provide their customers with a basic price and then add thousands of dollars on for delivery and installation, this is not the case with MFINITY. Instead, the basic price includes the above factors - with delivery and installation both arriving free of charge. This means that the range is very open to the whole of the US and rather than investing on these issues, it is possible to improve your configuration in other ways and perhaps spend the money on more premium materials.

How much emphasis is placed on eco-friendly design?

Due to the small size of the MFINITY products, it can prove to be difficult for the architects to implement eco-friendly measures. However, it at least appears as though MFINITY have tried their upmost to include as many as possible, with factors such as low-energy fixtures, composting toilets and bamboo flooring all contributing to the sustainable aims that the company have seemingly set.

A summary on MFINITY

There is no doubt that MFINITY is one of the niche prefab developers out there and very few people will select their properties as permanent homes. However, that is not to say that they are not successful, as many are deciding to implement the designs as outbuildings, with the modern appearance always very appealing for buyers.