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Prefab Home Models by H-Haus

h-haus CUBE 5 modern prefab home.
H-Haus Cube.

H-Haus has based modern design principles with a green approach to develop some superb prefabricated offerings. The company are responsible for a catalogue that is constantly expanding, with some properties being just 600 square feet while others are in excess of 3,000 square feet. This means that they apply to a huge range of customers, both in the commercial and residential sector.

What properties have H-Haus designed?

Over the course of their history, H-Haus have been responsible for just one range of houses with this being the CUBE selection. In total, there are eight homes in this range although this figure is constantly expanding and the company are hopeful that they will develop more over the near future. As you may expect, CUBE is based on exceptionally rigid properties and the majority of houses are focused on a flat, module approach. Out of all of the designs that H-Haus have constructed for the CUBE range, the following can be regarded as some of the most popular:

  • CUBE 3 - The fact that this property also contains a guest house highlights that it has probably been designed for the affluent customer. As well as the guest house, other impressive features include a large terrace area and a garage. The main house is set across one story and boasts a combination of red and white external panels to provide the modern appearance.
  • CUBE 6 - There is much more of an emphasis on glass when it comes to Cube 6. Moreover, H-Haus have relied on corrugated iron exterior with this design, with the final result being hugely impressive. It also benefits from a terrace and the high ceilings make it very popular amongst customers.
  • CUBE 8 - While CUBE 8 might not be everyone's favourite, it simply has to be mentioned as it goes against every other product in the range. It is designed very similar to what a farm house looks like, with the gable roof and dark walls contributing to this theme. However, it also contains several modern features, such as a large portion of glass in the middle, and this makes it a very interesting property.

Are H-Haus flexible with design?

Fortunately, customers do not have to rely solely on the designs that H-Haus provide. Instead, the company are available for customized design and on a lot of occasions, some customers will merely want small alterations to some of the existing designs. Admittedly, the custom design approach does result in a slightly different legal form, yet the company have vast experience through this approach and if you are looking for a unique property, this could be the recommended method.

What steps are involved in the construction of a H-Haus property?

There are a total of eight steps involved if a customer wishes to purchase a H-Haus building. After selecting the design, a site survey and evaluation will be conducted before the area will be prepared for construction. Once all of the necessary legal work has been completed with H-Haus, the buyer must seek a building contractor before awaiting for the components to be delivered so construction can commence.