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Prefab Home Models by FlatPak

FlatPak House by FlatPak.
FlatPak custom home in Woodstock, NY.

Out of all of the prefabricated developers in the world, most people would agree that FlatPak is the most aptly named. However, despite the obvious name, the company are quite new in the prefab industry and currently have just one property to their name - FlatPak House.

What does FlatPak House look like?

Unfortunately, the general theme amongst buyers in the prefab industry is to only select companies that have vast experience. While Flatpak definitely lacks in this regard, the sole property they have created is very impressive and is arguably one of the best aesthetically appealing designs you will ever see. Its exterior is created with panels that are of blue, purple, green and orange shades - with some of these made to resemble brickwork. As well as the paneling, there is particular emphasis on glass and this means that FlatPak House benefits from a lot of natural light.

The designers have also taken great care with the surrounding areas of FlatPak House, with bridges and small decking areas all being situated around the house.

Are FlatPak able to build houses in all areas?

Due to the huge transportation costs, some prefab companies are not able to provide their products in the whole of United States. Fortunately, FlatPak does not fall into this category and will be able to build a house for any customer, located anywhere in the country.

On the subject of location, it should also be mentioned that the construction methods that FlatPak use are able to withstand even the most turbulent weather. They use some of the best performing thermal glass on the market, while the fact that their roofs are R-40 and walls are R-28 means that they can cope with intense heat or even heavy snow loads.

How flexible are FlatPak?

As mentioned previously, FlatPak have built a business on just one product. However, the company are more than happy to provide customization and they even state that their buildings can be as tall or wide as the buyer requires. Admittedly, this height is capped at four stories, but this should be more than sufficient for the majority of potential customers.

It should also be note that FlatPak does not merely design dwellings and has also been used for commercial properties. The company name schools, hospices and even hotels to their past projects and this means that even businesses can take advantage of the services that the company provides.

A summary on FlatPak

In comparison to other prefab developers, it would be fair to say that FlatPak have a very small catalogue. However, this should not be a reason to not choose FlatPak, as the company have demonstrated through the design of their FlatPak House that they are hugely competent designers. Moreover, the degree of flexibility within the FlatPak catalogue is very impressive and means that even commercial outlets can benefit from the company’s services. Bearing this in mind, if a customer is looking for a modern design, communication with FlatPak is definitely recommended.